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Our Process

Discover how we bring your vision to life. From the initial appointment, where we measure your space and discuss your ideas, through the stages of engineering, CNC precision, and custom crafting, our detailed approach is outlined.


We guide you through confirming the project, making design changes, selecting finishes, features, right up to the careful delivery, installation, and final checks of your project. Dive into our process to see how we create spaces that perfectly align with your dreams and functionality needs.

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1. Consultation / Measure Up

We start by arranging an appointment to meet and measure your space, ensuring our designs perfectly fit your area. During this meeting, we'll explore your vision for the space, offering guidance and inspiration for those still deciding on a direction.


We're equipped to suggest ideas that best suit the space's potential, focusing on styles and layouts that align with your taste and lifestyle. Our goal is to collaborate closely with you, transforming your space into a reflection of your unique preferences.

Image by Sven Mieke

2. Quote & 3D Drawing

After our visit, we return to the office where our dedicated team utilizes Cabinet Vision to create precise 3D drawings of your space. Alongside this, we prepare a detailed quote, clearly outlining everything included in your package.


We then send this tailored package to you, allowing you to review our proposed design and its costs at your convenience, with our team ready to answer any questions you may have.

3. Changes to Drawings & Selections

Once you decide to move forward with us, you'll have the opportunity to work directly with our team to fine-tune your design. We'll stay in close contact through emails and personal meetings, ensuring every detail of the design meets your expectations.


This is your chance to make any desired changes or tweaks to the initial plan. We'll also guide you through selecting all the elements for your project. If you wish to include unique upgrades like specialized pullouts, additional lighting, or custom features not initially quoted, we're here to incorporate those into your design, making sure your project truly reflects your personal style and needs.


4. Project Confirmation & Signing

We now send the final project details back to you for confirmation. This includes all drawings and selections we've worked on together. This is where you carefully review everything to ensure all elements are as you envisioned.


This step is the last opportunity for you to request any changes or adjustments before we proceed. Once you're satisfied and all details are confirmed, the necessary paperwork is completed to move forward with the project.

5. CNC & Custom Work

The project begins with engineering, where it's programmed for the CNC machine, and the work order is finalized with shop drawings. This stage is crucial as it's where we order all parts and materials for the project.


Next, the file is sent to the CNC machine, where cabinet parts and doors are precisely cut.


Following this, our custom department takes over, crafting any parts not cut by the CNC. They specialize in building stunning hoods and various custom features that highlight the uniqueness of our kitchens.


6. Finishing & Assembly

When finishing, we apply sealing, primer, paint, and top coat to all parts, with careful sanding between each step for a smooth finish. This applies to both painted and stained wood. During assembly, we use CNC-cut parts to construct cabinet boxes and attach finished doors, drawer faces, and internal fittings like slides, hinges, and specialty hardware.


Crown moldings, light valances, and toe kicks are also prepped and wrapped for delivery. This process ensures each cabinet is expertly crafted and ready for installation.

8 Delivery & Installation

The day before installation, all cabinets are loaded into the trailer, ready for delivery on the installation morning. Installation begins upon arrival. Depending on the project size,  installation can take up to a few days.


After installation, we perform a final check to ensure everything meets our standards, completing the transformation of your space with precision and quality.


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